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The Subtle Accent, Warmth and Glow of Flameless Tea Lights

Guest warmth is created in the first few minutes of arrival; it’s that lasting first impression that we end up sharing with friends and family. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, every small detail can be the one that endears a customer to become a long term loyal client. One thing’s for certain, a negative experience is very difficult to recover from. To avoid mishaps from open flame and hot liquid wax, managers in fine dining establishments, hotels, and spas are choosing the safety and functionality of realistic looking flameless tea lights.


But they’re not just about safety.


Functional and Flexible Accents


Traditionally, tea lights have been encased in a thin metal or plastic cup and used for the warming of hot beverages, predominantly. Today, they are used more for subtle accent or ambiance in the hospitality business and in homes. Their small size limits burning time to just a few short hours, forcing staff to be alert to potential hazard and frequent replenishment. Instead of empty tea light cups, dependable flameless tea lights burn beautifully for an entire service shift. Removing the hazard of open flame also allows for semi-permanent placement in hard-to-reach or high traffic areas.


Super-Fast Recharging


A responsive, efficient service team depends on everyone during their job without the distraction of restocking or replacing ancillary items during the fast pace of peak service times; sophisticated rechargeable candle systems provide for that need. High quality versions like EasyStack charging trays do their job (up to 48 candles) in just three hours. And fully charged electric tea lights will flicker and glow for up to 15 hours!


Convenient for Special Events


Perfect for banquets, weddings and other special events, LED tea lights are an economical combination inside of tall, frosted, or translucent candle holders worry-free table top or fixture placement.


Authentic Style and Form


With the patented Realistic Wick Design, flameless tea lights are almost impossible to distinguish from open flame versions; so don’t be surprised if a guest tries to blow one out!


The Most Economical Option


Flame free tea lights are more affordable and economical than their open flame equivalent. In hospitality, frequent-use disposable items like candles are a bottom line savings opportunity you’ll not want to pass over, especially if your business has multiple locations and uses candles on a daily basis. Replaceable battery versions come pre-equipped with enough candlelight for 20+ events. So, switching to LED candles is a prudent financial decision.


Floating Flameless Tea Lights


If decorating a pool or pond, or looking to incorporate that special something into a centerpiece, floating LED tea lights are a unique addition to the event. Specially engineered to activate by simply placing them in water, they’ll tie in the entire theme and provide soothing after dusk light to enhance the function’s atmosphere.

In hospitality, flameless tea lights are clearly the right choice for function, ambiance and affordability.

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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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